Our Method



 Short introduction of the Brainturbo system:

The Brainturbo method uses high-end technology, an extremely efficient special personal-developing system, which combined with communication-centered coached lessons, provides fast and efficient language learning.

The basic of the method was developed by world-famous psychiatrist Georgi Lozanov, his foreign language teaching results were acknowledged by UNESCO. The professor realized during his researches, that in order to synchronize the two halves of the human brain, he has to create an alpha state of mind instead of the regular beta state.

When in alpha state, the memorizing capacity of the human brain increases and due to this rise, the learning procedure gets significantly faster which results in high efficiency. The new information is stocked in the long-term memory to be available in every stage of our lives.

Brainturbo uses the alpha state of mind, based on Lozanov method, with further developing created its very unique technology.

Applying science-based high-tech, along with EEG device; even a beginner can have a usable language skills level of English, German or Hungarian in a few months with this patented, unique technique. Those who already have basic language knowledge may detect fast development in couple of months.

According experiences using Brainturbo, the learning procedure can be 5-6 times more efficient than the traditional training. During the course, alpha state lab and coached tuitions varies in a predetermined way.


Advantages of Brainturbo system:

  • fast and efficient learning
  • modern, scientifically based technology
  • special personal developing system which uses brainwaves
  • learning with increased brain capacity in better mental state
  • flexible schedule
  • qualified, experienced trainers
  • stress-free learning in a nice environment


The Brainturbo language program:

During the machine/lab classes, students in a relaxed, alpha dominance condition secure the new information, knowledge in the long-term memory and then a few days later in teacher/trainer classes, with the co-operation of the teacher based on active communication recalls, activates knowledge and expressions recorded in machine classes.

During the machine/lab lessons the students are getting comfortable in an armchair, and then with using the personal development tools, a video glasses/projector, an EEG device, and a headset, in the state of increased mental capacity quickly and easily receive the new knowledge. With this new method the visual and audio materials will be reaching the candidate at the exactly same time. The learning material heard/seen during lab lessons our brains store in the “long-term memory”, ensuring the long-term language knowledge. The speech centered teacher/trainer classes assisting the students to remember, activate and use the memorized phrases.

Conditions to learn with Brainturbo methods:

The Brainturbo language training, got a flexible timetabling, taking under consideration the needs of each students. There are individual, in pairs or in small groups options of 45, 60 and 100 hours of training provided. The course starts with a placement test, followed by alternately the machine/lab (using a personal developing system) and teacher/trainer classes.


Individual training participation fee

45 hours of training (15 lab, 30 coached): 160.000 HUF

60 hours of training (15 lab, 45 coached): 210.000 HUF

100 hours of training (25 lab, 75 coached): 350.000 HUF


Paired training participation fee

45 hours of training (15 lap, 30 coached): 90 000 HUF/person

60 hours of training (15 lab, 45 coached): 120.000 HUF/ person

100 hours of training (25 lab, 75 coached): 180.000 HUF/person


3-person group participation fee

(in that case one or two people want to join the price will not change)

60 lessons ( 15 lab, 45 coached ): 90.000 HUF/person

100 lessons ( 25 lab, 75 coached ): 130.000 HUF/person


4-person group participation fee

(registrating and paying at the same time)

 60 lessons ( 15 lab, 45 coached ): 80.000 HUF/person

100 lessons ( 25 lab, 75 coached ): 110.000 HUF/person


5-person group participation fee

(registrating and paying at the same time)

 60 lessons ( 15 lab, 45 coached ): 65.000 HUF/person

100 lessons ( 25 lab, 75 coached ): 90.000 HUF/person



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